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Ultimate Maths Invaders is an awesome space attack maths game that drills number facts and tables from Junior Primary right through to Junior High School! A cool combination of fun graphics and gameplay with fundamental basic maths gets results – kids love to play (and learn!).
Suitable for grades: K-9 / Ages: 4-15

Bigger, Brighter, Better... New Graphics, New Gameplay, New Maths for a New Generation.

Since the early 1980s, the original Maths Invaders has rocketed over 80,000 school families into orbit with its formula of fast-paced action and serious maths. Huge advances in computing speeds and capabilities (not to mention kids’ expectations) since then has made it possible to add important new and exciting features that every high-speed computer-generation kid will love ... enter fun learning with Ultimate Maths Invaders! An old classic maths game just got a whole lot better.


Ultimate Maths Invaders Logo
  • All content linked to Australian State Curricula – carefully sequenced, teacher-designed maths progression and content. A curriculum-based Maths learning sequence that builds learners’ knowledge from early number skills right through to advanced secondary school concepts. This careful sequencing is invisible to the player as they progress through the levels. However, wrong answers are recorded so teachers and parents can clearly identify where kids need improvement and focus on those areas.
  • Extensive player level options. With one click, players from those with special needs to the arcade addict can choose the game with options that best suit them.
  • Individual Record Keeping and Performance Tracking
  • Fun and varied practice of tables, number facts and calculations
  • Exciting gameplay – such as several new quirky types of Invader behaviour, greater player control over the ship, increasing speed and different environment with each new wave level.
  • Game pushes player to personal skill and maths limit (rather than ending after set number of waves).
  • Cool 3D-style graphics and full-screen display
  • Multiple Invader types plus increasing incentive and skill challenge
  • Custom content for remediation
  • Caters for groups of users and more!

System Requirements:

Windows – Windows 95 or later, 233MHz or faster, 24Mb RAM
Macintosh – OS8.1-9.x, OS X, Power Mac, 266MHz, 16Mb RAM

Purchasing Options:

Online Download

Online Download - Windows$49.95Add to cart
Online Download - Mac OSX$49.95Add to cart
Online Download - Mac Classic$49.95Add to cart

Hard Copy

Single$49.95Add to cart

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