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Typing Tournament Tutor

Typing Tournament - a typing tutor for all ages

Want to learn to type try this flexible, powerful and fun typing tutor. Beginners and more advanced typists can al learn to type better with this typing tutor.

Yes - I know you think we could be biased but, hey, download a demo and check out what I am saying. Download Demo or contact us for a free Edalive demo disk with all EdAlive published products on it.

Why do we think Typing Tournament is a great typing product?

  • It is a quality typing tutor - it was not just slapped together, More info.
  • People enjoy using it.
  • It is visually very pleasing - great graphics, More info.
  • It is educationally sound way to learn to type, More info.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The typing lessons are clear, More info.
  • Can choose from 5 speed goals, More info.
  • Can skip lessons
  • Typing games make the user want to keep going to achieve better results, More info.
  • Cartoon style video reward on completion of the lessons builds on the theme.


Typing Tournament uses a medieval theme. There are 16 locations within this medieval setting. Each location feature a typing lesson, then drills to practice the typing lesson then 3 typing games to further practise typing skills. Each location introduces 4 new keys and includes a animated typing lesson, 3 different typing drill exercises 3 typing games, and a typing test to pass before progress to the next lesson.

Typing skills

Children need to be equipped with the typing skills needed for daily life in which computers now play an integral part. Kids (and adults too) need to be able to type quickly and accurately to succeed educationally and keep up with technology. Finding the right computer typing tutor can be a perplexing job. We think Typing Tournament fulfills the aim of being a top quality typing tutor. The publishing side of our business, EdAlive, conducted extensive research of other typing tutors on the market before building this fun but educationally sound typing program.

Typing speed

At the start of the program the user chooses a typing speed they would like to achieve at the end of the typing lessons.

The Typing Lessons

Most typing lessons (there are 16) start off with an animated demo for new keys (using a colour coded keyboard diagram) then a time for users to practise typing the new keys.
The typing lessons and typing drills combine keys in a variety of ways including Home Row paths, vertical keypaths and common English letter strings
Each Lesson has three parts (Explanation, demonstration and Exercise),, and focuses on four keys (occasionally five).
The exercise can be completed as many times as the user wishes.  find out more

Typing Drills (Learn more)

There are 3 different typing drill exercises at each of the 16 locations

The Typing Games (Learn more - see screenshots)

There are 3 typing games. In each one the user must reach a certain typing proficiency (related to the typing speed goal set earlier) in order to 'win' the game. Lots of testing went into getting the settings just right so that the user is really pushed to improve their typing speed in order to win the game. If the typing speed goal was too high then users would not be motivated to continue the typing practice in order to win.  If the typing speed goal was to easy to achieve then the user would not get any benefit from the typing game. We think we got the settings just right.

Typing test

Each location has a typing test which must be passed before progressing to the next location (lesson) Each test is 3 minutes in duration and when passed there is a certificate to print out.

Use in schools (see school pricing)

The Admin Section allows parents and teachers to manage groups and view results for groups of users etc. There is also a network version available which allows students to access there record from any machine on the network

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