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Short Description

Carmen Sandiego World 2002 ( Treasures of Knowledge )

The detective chase that shows you the world. Uncover the stolen "Treasures of Knowledge" and at the same time expand your world geography skills. Ages: 8 - Adult


A highly-interactive 3D atlas designed to extend pupils' geographical skills and knowledge of significant places, features and environments. Ages: 8 - 13

Captain Coordinate

Covers route planning, timetables, compass points, map symbols and coordinates, scale, databases and interpreting maps and aerial views. Ages: 7 - 9

Go Philippines

Discover the Philippines, its people, history, geography and cultures. Includes 50 printable activity sheets. Ages: 10 - 15

Travel the World with Timmy Deluxe

Students gain an appreciation for cultural diversity by comparing cultures through number and word activities, stories, songs, games, and crafts. Ages: 5 - 8

The Great Ocean Rescue

Students face four challenging rescue missions that take them deep into the world's oceans. To solve each problem students draw on information about ocean ecosystems, marine biology, environmental science, and earth science. Ages: 9 - 15

Carmen Sandiego World 2002- Network ( Treasures of Knowledge )

Network version for school use Ages: 8 - adult

Timeliner 5.0 K - 12

Allows students to easily construct timelines. Useful for most subject areas. Ages: 5 - adult

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