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Graphics & Animation

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OzArt Deluxe

Over 850 Australian art images in full colour EPS format. Ages: 8 - Adult

Down Under Collection Deluxe

A library of over 1500 individual illustrations in full colour and black-and-white. Ages: All

Swamp Clip Art Collection

A clip art library which brings to life the award-winning cartooning of Gary Clark of Swamp fame. Ages: 6 - Adult

Aussie Occasions

Celebrate our Australian special days and culture with great Australian Clip Art. Features over 300 illustrations perfect for creating classroom posters for special days (e.g. Easter and Christmas), cards for children, and much more. Ages: All

Jumbo Aussie Publishing Collection

Australia's most exhaustive clip art library in one value-packed bundle! Ages: All


A Logo like programming language with particular emphasis on sprites and animation. Ages: 12 - Adult

True Blue Clip Art - Australiana Deluxe

Contains 4 top Aussie Clip-Art Collections for the price of 1! Ages: Utility

Oxford Reading Tree Clip Art

An extremely useful resource which can be used either by teachers to create their own materials or by children to create their own stories. Ages: 5 - 12

Jump Start Artist

Jump Start Artist provides children with a world of creative fun, while covering the basics of painting, drawing, collage, folk art and crafts, as well as art history and how art relates to various cultures. Ages: 5 - 8

Curriculum Clip Art Secondary

Contains over 3,500 specially chosen high quality educational images and an easy to use browser. All clip art included has been designed specifically for the secondary curriculum. Ages: 12 - 16

Numbers, Words & Pictures

Has been designed to make available in one package all the tools required for the use of IT in the early years. Ages: 5 - 7

Clickart 250,000

A collection of images, photos, fine art, and fonts for use in home, school or business publishing projects. Ages: Utliity

5 in 1 Home Design

Suite of design software which makes it relatively easy to try out different design ideas. Ages: 12 - adult


A vector drawing package developed specifically for use in schools. Ages: 12 - Adult

Platypus Multimedia Suite

Provides a cost-effective way to acquire all the Platypus Internet and Multimedia tools in one package. Includes Platypus Multimedia Author, Platypus Web Builder, Platypus Internet Editor, and Platypus Animator. Ages: 7 - Adult

Platypus Animator

A simple to use AVI creation tool. Process involves loading images (either individually or as batch), set speed in frames/sec, set number of frames per image, add sound, add morphing (if desired) and create video. Ages: 7 - Adult

Phonics Alive ! Clip Art

Over 950 illustrations and cartoon drawings from the Phonics Alive! series, plus new drawings depicting school activities, icons and lifestyles of Australia. All drawings cover a diverse and useful subject range. Saved in TIF format. Ages: 7 - Adult

Digital Photography in the Classroom

This book will show you the benefits of using photo technology to motivate and inspire student productivity. Ages: 10 - 15

Adobe Illustrator 10 - Classroom in a Book

One of the fastest, easiest, and most comprehensive ways to master Illustrator 10. Ages: 14 - Adult

Teach Yourself Flash MX in 24 Hours

A clearly written, well-organised introduction to the popular vector-based Web graphics program. Ages: 14 - Adult

Kiwi Clip Art

Kiwi Clip Art is the only clipart image collection made for New Zealand schools and homes. Ages: All

Techtools for Kid Pix Studio 3rd Edition

A resource kit to get the most out of Kid Pix Studio 3rd Edition. Includes 100 'How-To' cards and a detailed teacher resource/lesson plan book. Ages: 8 - Adult

Corel Draw Graphics Suite V11 Ed

Powerful software for graphic design, page layout, photo editing and vector animation. Ages: Utility

Corel Draw Graphics Suite V11

Powerful software for graphic design, page layout, photo editing and vector animation. Ages: Utility

Clickart 40,000 - ( DVD Casing )

Includes 40000 high quality colour and B & W images (saved in TIF and WMF formats), 1000 TrueType fonts and an image editor. Ages: 10 - Adult

Clickart 400,000

Extensive clip art collection. Ages: 8 - adult

Flash MX Training CD

Six hours of training on Flash MX, covering Intro, Fundamentals and Actionscripting. Ages: 12 - adult

Fireworks MX Training CD

Six hours of training on CD. Ages: 12 - adult

Paint Shop Pro V8

Includes all the features you want for photo editing, creating Web graphics, drawing, painting, and animating without spending as much as you might on some similar programs. Ages: Utility

Photo Impact XL

Digital photo editing tool comes with many built in photo fixes. Ages: 8 - adult

Photo Impact XL Ed

Digital photo editing tool comes with many built in photo fixes. Ed version only available to schools. Ages: 8 - adult

Printshop 20 Essentials

Budget version of this popular publishing package. Features 8700 graphics, with access to over 100000 more online, over 280 fonts and over 1000 project templates. Ages: 8 - adult

Printshop 20 Deluxe

Your creative toolbox for any number of projects you can personalise. Design yourr own cards, calendars, newsletters and more using a variety of images and tools. Ages: 7- adult

Printshop Pro Publisher 20

Complete publishing solution for such things as cards, posters, calendars, business cards etc. Ages: 8 - adult

Flash MX Professional 2004 Ed

Flash MX Professional 2004! Includes everything in Flash MX 2004, plus advanced functionality for creating more sophisticated interactive content, Rich Internet Applications, professional quality video, and easy deployment to devices .

ClickArt 75,000

Clip art Ages: all

Hyperstudio 4.5

Hyperstudio lets you successfully combine text, graphics, movies, animations and sound into multimedia projects. Ages: 8 - Adult

Illustrator CS 11 Ed

Industrial strength drawing package. Ages: 12 - adult

Photoshop CS 8 Ed

Industry standard graphic design tool. Ages: 12 - Adult

After Effects Pro 6.0 Ed

The essential tool for motion graphics and visual effects. After Effects 6.5 Professional includes all of the features in After Effects Standard plus motion tracking and stabilization, advanced keying and warping tools, more than 30 additional visual effects, a particle system, scripting, network rendering, 16-bit-per-channel color, additional audio effects, and more. Ages: 15 - Adult

After Effects Standard 6.0 Ed

The essential tool for motion graphics and visual effects. After Effects 6.5 Standard provides core 2D and 3D compositing, animation, and visual effects tools. Ages: 15 - Adult

Paint Shop Photo Album

Enhance, organise and share your digital photos. Ages: 8 - adult

Office Pro 2003 Ed

Includes Access 2003, Excel 2003, InfoPath 2003, Outlook 2003, PowerPoint 2003, Publisher 2003, Word 2003 Ages: 9 - adult

Office Pro 2003

Access 2003, Excel 2003, InfoPath 2003, Outlook 2003, PowerPoint 2003, Publisher 2003, Word 2003 Ages: 9 - adult

Australian Classic Clip Art Deluxe

A collection of over 2170 black-and-white images and over 300 carefully coloured enhancements lovingly gathered from some of the finest art of our forebears. Ages: 8 - Adult

Director MX 2004 Ed

The standard for creating and delivering powerful multimedia. Ages: 10 - Adult

Australian Photo Library Deluxe

High-quality Australian photos for use in Desktop Publishing and Multimedia. Ages: All

Pinnacle Studio V9 Ed

A total video-editing solution, providing all the tools you'll need from capturing video footage to professional editing features to burning a CD or DVD. Ages: Utility


Create a multimedia presentation using all the resourses you can find - text, sound. images and video. You can add navigation between everything from frames to websites. Ages: 10 - adult

Kid Pix Studio 4 Edition

Kids can easily create amazing multimedia art with stunning graphics, fun sounds, and lively animation. Ages: 3 - 12

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