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Short Description

Internet for Kids - Intermediate

Learn the basics of the Internet and visit some school-oriented sites. Ages: 5 - 11

Internet for Kids - Creative Kids

This resource provides a simple introduction to the Internet. Ages: All

Internet for Kids - Challenging

Learn the basics of the Internet and visit some school-oriented sites. Ages: 5 - 11

Internet for Teachers & Parents

A beginner's guide to using the Internet for teachers and parents. Ages: All

Developing Web Pages for School & Classroom

Learn how to develop the content and structure of a Web page for your school. Ages: 6 - 12

Teaching with the Internet : Professional's Guide

A guide for teachers looking to use the Internet as a classroom resource. Ages: All

Best Web Sites For Kids 2000

A collection of intriguing Internet sites for children. Ages: 8 - 12

Cyberspace for Kids: Years 1 - 2

Includes 600 'kid-tested and parent-approved' web site addresses and descriptions, a section on Internet safety and supervision, a glossary of technical terms, and much more. Ages: 5 - 7

Internet Explorer for Terrified Teachers

Unlocks the potential of Microsoft Internet Explorer as an educational tool. Shows teachers the various functions of Internet Explorer, and provides classroom activities using the software. Ages: All

Virtual Field Trips in the Cyberage

Designed with direct classroom applications in mind. Ages: All

Cyberspace for Kids: Years 3 - 4

Each book includes hundreds of kid-tested and parent-approved web site addresses. Ages: 8 - 10

Textease 2000

An award-winning word processor designed specifically for education. Ages: 8 - Adult

FileMaker Pro Unlimited V6.0 Ed

The version of the popular database Filemaker Pro specially developed to deliver databases on the web. Ages: Utility

Learning Centre Technology 3 - 6

Provides a brief introduction which describes ideas about how to use the Internet in the classroom, as well as a list of Internet safety rules. Ages: 8 - 12

Norton Personal Firewall V2 ED

Provides security against against hackers and other Internet threats. Ages: Utility

DreamWeaver MX Magic

Project-based answers to the most frequently asked questions about designing Web sites using Dreamweaver. Ages: 14 - Adult

Writing & Research on the Computer

Teaches skills and develops strategies for students using the computer as a research and publishing tool. Ages: All

Platypus Web Builder

Create multimedia websites with this easy to use visual (what you see is what you get) tool. Ages: 7 - Adult

Platypus Multimedia Suite

Provides a cost-effective way to acquire all the Platypus Internet and Multimedia tools in one package. Includes Platypus Multimedia Author, Platypus Web Builder, Platypus Internet Editor, and Platypus Animator. Ages: 7 - Adult

Platypus Web Builder Pro

Includes Platypus Web Builder plus Platypus Internet Editor. Adds the ability to work with the raw HTML and also add Javascripts, making this product more suitable for High School use. Ages: 12 - Adult

Platypus Internet Editor

Provides simple text editing features together with advanced support for Javascript and HTML. Comes with a book "Learning Programming through Javascript". Ages: 12 - Adult

The Website Planner

A practical guide to planning your web presence. Ages: All

Absolute Beginners Guide to Creating Web Pages

Learn to create web pages with this non-technical tutorial book. Ages: 12 - adult

Email Detectives

A stimulating and entertaining resource that introduces pupils to electronic mail. Ages: 7 - 11

Fireworks MX Training CD

Six hours of training on CD. Ages: 12 - adult

Flash MX Professional 2004 Ed

Flash MX Professional 2004! Includes everything in Flash MX 2004, plus advanced functionality for creating more sophisticated interactive content, Rich Internet Applications, professional quality video, and easy deployment to devices .

GoLive CS 7 Ed

Delivers what you need to create professional Web sites. Ages: 15 - Adult

After Effects Pro 6.0 Ed

The essential tool for motion graphics and visual effects. After Effects 6.5 Professional includes all of the features in After Effects Standard plus motion tracking and stabilization, advanced keying and warping tools, more than 30 additional visual effects, a particle system, scripting, network rendering, 16-bit-per-channel color, additional audio effects, and more. Ages: 15 - Adult

After Effects Standard 6.0 Ed

The essential tool for motion graphics and visual effects. After Effects 6.5 Standard provides core 2D and 3D compositing, animation, and visual effects tools. Ages: 15 - Adult

Adobe Creative Suite 1.3 Premium

Editing images, creating photo compositions, and drawing vector graphics has never been smoother than in the integrated design environment of the Adobe Creative Suite. Ages: 16 - adult

Adobe Creative Suite 1.3 Premium Ed

The complete design environment that combines Adobe's leading professional tools — the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop® 8.0 CS, Adobe Illustrator® 11.0 CS, Adobe InDesign® 3.0 CS, and Adobe GoLive® 7.0 CS and new Adobe Acrobat® 7.0 Professional. Ages: 12 - adult

Granada Toolkit V2

A suite of software designed to provide schools with a complete core set of computing tools. Ages: 7 - 12

Macromedia Contribute 3 Ed

Tool which allows non technical users to publish information to the web using templates set up by Webmaster. Ages: 10 - adult

Macromedia Contribute 3

Tool which allows non technical users to publish information to the web using templates set up by Webmaster. Ages: 10 - adult

Creative Suite Premium CS2 Ed

The complete design environment for print, Web, and mobile publishing. Includes full new versions of Adobe Photoshop® CS2, Illustrator® CS2, InDesign® CS2, GoLive® CS2, and Acrobat® 7.0 Professional software with new Version Cue® CS2, Adobe Bridge, and Adobe Stock Photos. Ages: 12 - Adult

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