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Aussie SpellForce
Featured Product

The complete spelling tutor for classroom and home. Ages: 5 - Adult

Words Rock!
Featured Product

Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Vocabulary come alive in this new compelling computer board game. Each player is one of a bunch of street-smart Freak Seekers on the trail of the devious, invisible, slippery Super Slugs in this bounty-hunting free-for-all. Ages: 4 - 15

Bailey's Book House

Bailey and his neighbourhood friends encourage kids to learn letters, word stories and rhyming. Ages: 2 - 6

Dinosaur Discovery

An adventure game which provides opportunity for mapping, logical thinking, language work etc. Ages: 8 - 13

Kraken: Deep-Sea Quest

A cross-curricular jumping off point for a language, Maths, Science, etc. unit on the sea. Ages: 7 - 12

Imagination Express Castle

Cast characters, develop plots, narrate, write and record dialogue in your own medieval story. Ages: 6 - 12

Imagination Express Neighbourhood

Develop writing, creativity and imaginative skills writing stories about actual or imagined adventures in the neighbourhood environment. Ages: 6 - 12

Dr Seuss ABC

A Living Book interactive reading adventure. Ages: 3 - 7

Reading Search

Develop reading and comprehension skills while exploring ancient cultures. Ages: 7 - 12

Imagination Express Oceans

Students create their own stories in a marine environment. Ages: 6 - 12

Interactive Picture Dictionary

Uses photos, graphics and sound to teach over 800 words relevant to adult students. Ages: 8 - Adult

Alphabet, The (Protea)

Adult Literacy and ESL. Ages: 4 - Adult

Teacher's Cupboard

Magical language adventures for infants with two complete adventures. Ages: 5 - 7

Look! Hear! Talking Topics

A series of animated books featuring speech and graphics. Ages: 5 - 8

English on CD

A collection of information reports about Australia which provide students with an opportunity to acquire language in a meaningful and interesting context Ages: 10 - Adult

Macbeth ( BBC )

The complete audio performance of one of Shakespeare's most popular plays is enhanced by synchronised on-screen text and is presented with hypertext study notes. Ages: 12 - Adult

Midsummer Night's Dream ( BBC )

A great resource for analysing Shakespeare. Ages: 12 - Adult

Romeo & Juliet ( BBC )

A resource-rich program for analysing Shakespeare. Ages: 12 - Adult

Imagination Express Pyramids

Students create their own stories featuring pharaohs, mummies and life on the Nile. Ages: 6 - 12

Stanley Sticker Stories

Create animated story books. Ages: 3 - 8

PM Story Books Red Series

A popular, carefully-graded and invaluable aid in helping children to read. 0 Ages: 4 - 6

Dr Seuss Green Eggs & Ham

A Living Book interactive reading adventure. Ages: 3 - 7

Issues in English

An interactive English tutor focusing on a variety of topical issues for ESL adult students. Ages: 12 - Adult

Talk Now ! English

Ideal and enjoyable language courses for beginners short-of-time. Ages: 5 - Adult

Super Spell Day at the Beach

A comprehensive Australian spelling package with 3200 spelling words. Worksheet booklet now on PDF on the CD. Ages: 8 - Adult

Super Spell Assessment Disk

Diagnostic spelling tests. Ages: 8 - Adult

Jump Start 4th Grade

A fourth grade language, maths, history, science and music adventure. Ages: 8 - 10

Phonics Alive 1

A series of twenty separate modules with each module presenting a series of sounds and exploring their usage in a variety of situations. Ages: 4 - 12

abc - CD Animated Talking Alphabet

An animated talking alphabet. Students become familiar with the sounds and shapes of the alphabet with the assistance of speech, music, illustrations and animations. Ages: 3 - 6

Nursery Rhyme Time

A delightful selection of nursery rhymes brought to life with animation, narration, sound effects and music. Ages: Pre - Infants

PM Story Books Yellow Series

Best-selling Australian reading software based on the popular series of reading books. Ages: 4 - 6

Vocabulary Builder: English/ESL

An interactive flash card system for parents and teachers to help teach basic language. Ages: All

Fitzroy Talking Readers Books 1-10 & 1X-10X

Reading program based on the Fitzroy series of readers. Includes 20 stories and an alphabet program. Ages: 4 - 7

Fitzroy Talking Readers Books 11-20 & 21-30

Reading program based on the Fitzroy series of readers. Includes 20 stories and word square maker. Ages: 4 - 7

Rusty Dreamer

An interactive storybook offering 3 reading levels and extensive teacher/student resource materials. Ages: 8 - 14

Phonics Alive 2 The Sound Blender

A self-paced, interactive phonics program designed to assist students in developing accuracy and speed in blending sounds. Ages: 7 - 12

Naughty Stories - Volume 1 & 2

Naughty but nice - twelve talking stories that are full of fun! Ages: 5 - 8

Carmen Sandiego Word Detective

The all-in-one grammar, spelling and vocabulary program. Includes over 60 activities with 3 levels of difficulty. Ages: 8 - 14

Let's Go Read ! An Island Adventure

Build reading and thinking skills through active exploration. Ages: 4 - 6

Matti Mole's Language Skills Summer Holiday

A delightful interactive story on CD that stimulates language, thinking and learning. Ages: 8 - 12

Reading Blaster 6 - 9

Master foundational literacy skills for 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades. Ages: 6 - 9

Reading Blaster 9 - 12

A comprehensive literacy skills builder for years 4, 5 and 6. Ages: 9 - 12

Reading Blaster Vocab 2.0 Ages 9 - 12

Master over 2,500 words for years 4, 5, and 6. Ages: 9 - 12

Starting Sounds

Designed to assist in the learning of single sounds and their association with letters, words and pictures. Ages: 4 - 12

PM Story Books Blue Series

Best-selling Australian reading software based on the popular series of reading books. Ages: 6 - 8

PM Story Books Green Series

Best-selling Australian reading software based on the popular series of reading books. Ages: 6 - 8

Back to Basics : Reading Jnr

Designed to give students unlimited practice in learning to read words. Features all the words from all the core reading schemes like PM Story Books, Fitzroy Readers, and more used in schools around Australia (n.b. All book series names are the property of their respective owners). Ages: 4 - 9

Let's Go Read - An Ocean Adventure

Enhance reading skills through IBM speech recognition technology. Build reading and thinking skills through active exploration. Ages: 5 - 7

World Talk English/ESL

Topics covered include the calendar, sentence building, asking directions, the weather and numbers Includes dictation worksheets, recording facility, interactive quiz, and more. Ages: 12 - Adult

PM Story Books Orange Series

Best-selling Australian reading software based on the popular series of reading books. Ages: 6 - 8

Phonics Alive 3 Speller

A comprehensive spelling program that teaches traditional spelling rules, covers sight words and records student results. Ages: 8 - Adult

Integrating Tech into English Curriculum

A useful resource for teachers looking to broaden their use of technology in the lower-secondary school English curriculum. Ages: 12 - 15

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