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The best Maths software is now available to you at the click of your mouse.

No student can be a Maths whiz unless they do plenty of revision outside school hours. Numeracy skills taught from early childhood will be a foundation for building future competence in numeracy education. The Maths tutorials and Maths teaching software programs available these days have been designed to make Maths enjoyable to use so that the user will be encouraged to keep going. There are thousands of Maths exercises in graded Maths programs that will enthral the Maths struggler or enthusiast alike. New Horizons is aware of the importance of improving the numeracy skills of our young people and has produced its own Maths software that is especially targeted at Australian kids and Australian Maths curriculum. There is even a Maths diagnostic program that reports on the users Mathematics competence and suggests future suitable study courses.

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Ultimate Aussie Maths Invaders
Featured Product

The new, fun space attack maths game that drills number facts and tables from Junior Primary right through to Junior High School. Ages: 4 - 15

Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic
Featured Product

Specifically designed to get students motivated to think mathematically, not just learn tables and do sums. Covers all the basic Number strand skills- numeration, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percentages and ratio - and builds a solid foundation for understanding and mastering maths. Questions are presented in a great variety of formats, from simple tables to problems and puzzles. Ages: 4 - 15

Numbers Up! 2 Baggin' the Dragon ( Aust )
Featured Product

Contains all the hands-on, real-life math strands kids enjoy. Numbers Up!2 Baggin' the Dragon is full of math activities that give context and purpose to learning basic arithmetic. Kids use their knowledge of number facts and operations to explore the math of measurement and maps, time and seasons, patterns, probability, graphs, statistics, angles and shapes. Ages: 4 - 15


A collection of 20 time-related exercises which can be made as simple or complex as the teacher requires. Ages: 5 - 12

James Discovers Math

An interactive, animated, and musical introduction to basic maths. Closely follows the K - 3 maths syllabus. Ages: 3 - 7

Maths Circus

A collection of 12 puzzles, each with five levels of difficulty. The puzzles require logical reasoning rather than drill-and-practice number exercises. Ages: 6 - Adult

Milky Way Cafe

A good introduction to basic aspects of commerce as players run a small cafe located in Outer Space. Ages: 9 - Adult

Millie's Maths House

An outstanding maths tool for junior primary maths with students learning as they play. Reinforce core curriculum skills. Ages: 2 - 6

Factory Deluxe, The

A 2D logical thinking game. Ages: 10 - 16

Mighty Math Carnival Countdown

Activities for teaching early maths and problem solving concepts. Ages: 5 -7

Mighty Math Zoo Zillions

Engaging maths activities for children. Ages: 5 - 7

Desert Quest

Complete a series of navigational and mathematical activities while piloting a search plane. Ages: 8 - Adult

Jump Start 4th Grade

A fourth grade language, maths, history, science and music adventure. Ages: 8 - 10

Maths Made Easy Grade 1

Maths Made Easy covers Problem Solving, Measurement, Number and Space at a Year 1 level. Ages: 4 - 7

Maths Circus Act 2

A companion product to Maths Circus, Act 2 presents 12 more puzzles to challenge, entertain and educate. Ages: 6 - Adult

Maths Made Easy Grade 2

Australian maths software for Australian schools and homes. Ages: 6 - 8

Math Workshop Deluxe

Helps young learners master critical maths skills ( +, -, /, * and more ) while having loads of fun. Ages: 6 - 12

Geometer's Sketchpad Resource Bk : Exploring Geometry

Over 100 activities covering nearly all the concepts studied in school geometry as well as many extensions. Ages: 12 - Adult

Measuring Up

This excellent product uses measurement in real-life applications including shopping, cooking, sport, parcel weights, and materials. Ages: 12 - Adult

Geometer's Sketchpad : Trigonometry

Students construct dynamic, animated illustrations of trigonometry in action and make models of practical applications. Ages: 12 - Adult

Maths Made Easy Grade 3

Australian maths software for Australian schools and homes. Ages: 7 - 9

Math Blaster Algebra

Get those algebra skills up to scratch! Kids learn algebra while repairing their spaceship. Four fun activities covering eleven subject areas including integers, radical expressions, graphing and quadratic equations. Ages: 10 -Adult

Carmen Sandiego Math Detective

Infiltrate V.I.L.E.'s hideout to thwart Carmen Sandiego's pilfering plans while mastering essential maths skills. Ages: 8 - 14

Math Blaster Pre Algebra

A comprehensive tutor providing a smooth transition from elementary maths to algebra. Ages: 10 - 14

Maths Made Easy Grade 4

A popular Australian maths series with over 150 lessons which target specifics of the mathematics curriculum. Ages: 8 - 10

Maths Made Easy Grade 5

A popular Australian maths series with over 150 lessons which target specifics of the mathematics curriculum. Ages: 9 - 11

Maths Made Easy Grade 6

A popular Australian maths series with over 150 lessons which target specifics of the mathematics curriculum. Ages: 10 - 12

Primary Maths 1

Covers sorting and matching, matching sets, introducing and ordering 1 - 5, introducing 0 and 6 - 10. Ages: 5 - 7

Primary Maths 2

Covers ordering 1 - 10, counting and comparing sets, towards and continuing addition. Ages: 5 - 7

HiFlyer Maths - Decimals

Combines the best number-modelling features of traditional place-value blocks, and the computational speed and convenience of modern computer technology. Ages: 8 - 13

Back to Basics : Maths Multiplication

A back-to-basics program to assist in learning times tables. Incorporates an intelligent engine which gives the student the option to be drilled only on those tables which they have not already mastered. Ages: 6 - 12

Integrating Tech into Maths Curriculum Intermediate / Challenging

A useful resource for teachers looking to broaden their use of technology in the lower-secondary school Maths curriculum. Ages: 12 - 15


Allows students to design, print and construct both simple and complex 3D models. Ages: 8 - Adult

Integrating Tech into Maths Curric Prim

Units in this book are comprised of 2-3 activities and include the year level, time frame, suggested software, materials needed, assessment/evaluation activities, and Internet addresses of a maths site(s) with more information on each topic. Ages: 5 - 7

VCE Units 3 & 4 Further Mathematics

Designed for students taking their VCE mathematical examinations, and also of particular use for assisting A-level/year 12/HSC students. Ages: 16 - Adult

Maths Circus Act 3

Maths Circus Act 3 contains 120 individual tasks, twice the number in each of the earlier packages (1 & 2), providing practice and enhancement for a wide range of skills. Ages: 6 - Adult

Maths To Win: Games Of Strategy

A series of 15 graded strategy games. Victory in each game only comes after a thorough investigation of the winning strategy. Ages: 8 - 15

Number Train

Includes numbers from 0 - 20, ordering numbers, place value, odd and even numbers, counting in twos, and addition and subtraction. Ages: 4 - 6

English / Maths Keywords

A high-quality, interactive CD-ROM that helps children to understand essential Maths and English vocabulary. Ages: 7 - 11

Maths Explorer Data Handling

Students are transported back in time to the ancient civilisations of the Romans, Incas and Egyptians to investigate maths related to data handling. Ages: 7 - 12

Maths Explorer Number

Guided by a pirate girl, students develop their understanding of a variety of number concepts by exploring the twelve interactive locations of a Pirate Cove. Ages: 7 - 12

Maths Explorers Shape and Space

Pupils will have great fun exploring the castle and learning about mathematical concepts related to shape and space. Topics covered include Tessellations; Angles; Circles; Measuring Scales; Co-ordinates and more. Ages: 7 - 12

Maths 1 & 2 Bundle ( Aircom )

2 titles covering "Shape, Space and Number" and "Algebra, and the Handling of Data". Ages: 13 - 17

Mental Maths Olympics Year 4

Students compete against themselves in Olympic-style events to improve and develop essential Maths skills. Ages: 8 - 12

Mental Maths Olympics Year 5

Students compete against themselves in Olympic-style events to improve and develop essential Maths skills. Ages: 9 - 14

Beat the Tape

Provides a sequential course in the basic facts of mathematics. Ages: 5 - 13

Maths Worksheet Wizard 1

An Australian program that helps you create Maths worksheets quickly and easily. Ages: 6 - 14

123 - CD

Captivating activities designed to help young children with the complexities of early number skills. Ages: 3 - 6

Math Blaster Ages 5 - 7

An intergalactic animal encounter that builds students' mathematics skills. Ages: 5 - 7

I Love Maths

I Love Maths will reinforce skills in key curriculum areas and increase understanding of concepts such as fractions, geometry and measurements, Ages: 7 - 11

Learning Ladder 5 - Year 5 ( Ages 9 - 10 )

Develops a range of literacy and numeracy skills to help children excel at school. Ages: 9 - 10

Learning Ladder 6 - Year 6 ( Ages 10 - 11)

Develops a range of literacy and numeracy skills to help children excel at school. Ages: 10 - 11

Table Aliens 2000

Use times table skills to halt the aliens! Ages: 7-12

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