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Problem Solving

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Granny's Garden

Fairy Tale which helps build students' enthusiasm, problem solving, language, creativity and imagination. Ages: 6 - 10

Maths Circus

A collection of 12 puzzles, each with five levels of difficulty. The puzzles require logical reasoning rather than drill-and-practice number exercises. Ages: 6 - Adult

Thinkin' Things Collection 1

Problem solving game which develops higher-level critical-thinking skills. Ages: 4 - 8

Thinkin' Things Collection 2

Higher-level, critical-thinking skills develop through a variety of activities. Ages: 6 - 12

Land of Um

Players work their way through puzzles developing their clear thinking, logical reasoning and lightning fast reactions. Ages: 8 - Adult

Logical Journey Zoombinis School Edition

A delightful non-violent game designed to develop thinking skills while being eminently playable. Ages: 8 - 12

Factory Deluxe, The

A 2D logical thinking game. Ages: 10 - 16

Desert Quest

Complete a series of navigational and mathematical activities while piloting a search plane. Ages: 8 - Adult

Maths Circus Act 2

A companion product to Maths Circus, Act 2 presents 12 more puzzles to challenge, entertain and educate. Ages: 6 - Adult

Math Workshop Deluxe

Helps young learners master critical maths skills ( +, -, /, * and more ) while having loads of fun. Ages: 6 - 12

Carmen Sandiego Junior Detective

A version of the top-selling Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, designed for younger users. Ages: 5 - 8

Carmen Sandiego Math Detective

Infiltrate V.I.L.E.'s hideout to thwart Carmen Sandiego's pilfering plans while mastering essential maths skills. Ages: 8 - 14

Crystal Rainforest 2000

Help save the rainforest from rogue timber cutters by solving puzzles and problems related to Logo (a simple programming language). Ages: 7 - 11


2D and 3D environment modelling software for creative teachers and students. Ages: 8 - Adult

Carmen Sandiego Think Quick Challenge

Carmen Sandiego is stealing the world's knowledge! Students must outwit her and her cohorts in a series of challenges, playing with up to three other ACME agents using the program's multi-player features. Ages: 8 - 12

Maths Circus Act 3

Maths Circus Act 3 contains 120 individual tasks, twice the number in each of the earlier packages (1 & 2), providing practice and enhancement for a wide range of skills. Ages: 6 - Adult

Maths To Win: Games Of Strategy

A series of 15 graded strategy games. Victory in each game only comes after a thorough investigation of the winning strategy. Ages: 8 - 15

The Map Detectives

An interactive CD ROM that teaches geography, map reading and compass work. Ages: 10 - 14

I Spy Junior Puppet Playhouse

Kids build early reading, maths and thinking skills as they solve dozens of riddles, put together charming puppets, and create their own puppet sets. Ages: 4 - 6

Model Shop, The

Designed to develop childrens' thinking skills, The Model Shop includes lots of exciting interactive computer simulations such as ball throwing, paint mixing, spreadsheets and much more Ages: 7 - 11

Mission Control V2

Kids command machines with this introduction to control technology. Ages: 7-13

Terrapin Logo

Excellent value Logo program. Ages: 7 - Adult

Zoombinis 2 : Mountain Rescue

The Zoombinis are back to take your math and logic skills to a higher level! Ages: 8 - 15

Carmen Sandiego World 2002 ( Treasures of Knowledge )

The detective chase that shows you the world. Uncover the stolen "Treasures of Knowledge" and at the same time expand your world geography skills. Ages: 8 - Adult

Maths Mission Problem Solving

Solve several maths problems in an engaging futuristic setting. Ages: 13 - Adult

I Spy School Days

Solve rhyming riddles by finding hundreds of cleverly hidden objects, race against the clock playing Oops Hoops and Codebreaker, or create your own I Spy picture riddles. Ages: 5 - 9

Disney Mickey and Friends

All the features of Simcity 3000 plus additional buildings, scenarios, disasters, building architect and a Scenario Creator. Ages: 8 - Adult

I Spy Treasure Hunt

Kids hunt for treasure and along the way develop critical thinking, vocabulary, rhyming, logic, reasoning and problem-solving skills. Ages: 6 - 10

DK Alice in Wonderland

Alice is a curious little girl who spots a strange white rabbit with a pocket watch. She follows the rabbit and an amazing adventure begins... Helps develop problem solving, logical thinking and observation skills. Ages: 7 - 12

Brain Teasers

Contains over 200 intriguing printable activities that supplement classroom lessons while stretching student's minds. Ages: 5-12

Zoombinis 3: Island Odyssey

An exploration into ecology, astronomy, mechanics, cryptography, and more! Ages: 8 - Adult

Little Polar Bear

Join Little Polar Bear in a fascinating Arctic adventure which includes a host of logic, puzzle and problem solving activities. Ages: 3 - 6

Brain Buster Quiz

Test yourself in the coolest quiz around, with over 1500 questions and 60 hilarious jokes. Ages: 7 - 11

Math Problem Solving Adventure Lite (Primary)

A fantastic way to involve your upper primary students in problem solving. Ages: 9-12

Math Problem Solving Adventure Pro (Secondary)

A fantastic way to involve your secondary students in problem solving. Ages: 12-18

Strategy Challenges Collection 1

Helps students build strategic thinking and problem solving skills while playing three classic games. Ages: 8 - adult

Strategy Challenges Collection 2

Introduces students to additional strategies with three engaging new games. Ages: 9 - adult

Mind Bender

A collection of interactive brainteasers and logic problems. Topics include word logic, number logic, sequences, logic riddles, general knowledge. Ages: 7 - adult

Fairy Tale Police Department - Case of Phantom Thief

The book of Fairytales has been stolen and the fairy tales are already starting to go haywire! Through 14 different games combining educational puzzles and arcade-style fun you will gradually gather the clues and evidence that will lead you to solve this entertaining whodunit. Ages: 6 - 10

I Spy Spooky Mansion

10 creepy rooms to explore in search of hidden picture riddles, games and other thrills. Ages: 6 - 10

I Spy Fantasy

I SPY Fantasy is based on the best-selling book of the same name. Ages: 6 - 10


BizWiz is a small business simulation that can be used in Primary School as the focus for introducing computer concepts and in High School Commerce, Business Studies, Computing Studies, Mathematics and Design & Technology classes. The program is able to be adapted to a range of levels and used for a wide variety of concepts while having Fun! Ages: 10 - 17

Charlie Chimp's Big Modelling Party

Kids use modelling, problem-solving and Logo skills to help Charlie Chimp organise his annual Big Modelling Party. Ages: 5 - 7

Microworlds EX

A programming environment in which students can explore and test their ideas as they create science simulations, mathematical experiments, interactive multimedia stories, whatever they can imagine! Ages: 5 - Adult

Microworlds EX Robotics

A programming environment in which students can explore and test their ideas as they create science simulations, mathematical experiments, interactive multimedia stories, whatever they can imagine! MicroWorlds EX Robotics comes with all the features of MicroWorlds EX plus full programming capabilities for the Cricket robot, palm sized micro computer, and the LEGO RCX¨ Brick. With it, your students are scientists and inventors as they plan projects, construct models, and EXPLORE BIG IDEAS. Whether building airplanes or puppets, cars or toys, students acquire significant science, technology and math skills as they construct and program their models. Ages: 5 - Adult

Mighty Math Carnival Countdown - Netwk

Activities for teaching early maths and problem solving concepts. Ages: 5 - 10

Thinkin' Things Collection 1- Netwk

Network Version. Problem solving game which develops higher-level critical-thinking skills. Ages: 4 - 8

Thinkin Things Collection 3

Excellent problem solving software. Ages: 7 - 13

Decisions, Decisions Ancient Empires

Through role-playing simulations, students learn and apply the lessons of history. Ages: 9 - 16

Decisions, Decisions Feudalism

Through role-playing simulations, students learn and apply the lessons of history. Ages: 9 - 16

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