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Short Description

Acid / Base Titrations

Carry out titrations in only minutes with no mess. Ages: 13 - Adult

Crossing The Mountains

An adventure game loosely based on the famous crossing of the Blue Mountains. Ages: 9 - 16

Sammy's Science House

Children explore science concepts, expand their science vocabularies, and see and enjoy science in the world around them. Ages: 3 - 7

Enzyme Lab v5

Simulate enzyme experiments on computer. Ages: 13 - Adult


An environmental mystery. Ages: 11 - Adult

Encyclopedia of Nature 2.0

A multimedia exploration of nature. Ages: 8 - Adult

Dynamic Rainforest

Experience the sights, sounds and incredible life systems of Australia's tropical rainforests. Ages: 8 - Adult

Aussie EcoRanger

An Australian simulation game - your mission is to ensure the survival of the last breeding stock of Australian native species. Ages: 11 - Adult

Encyclopedia of Space and the Universe

Bring the mysterious world of Space to life. Ages: 10 - Adult

Birds of Australia V5

An extensive and accurate reference of Australian birds. Ages: 7 to Adult

Jump Start 4th Grade

A fourth grade language, maths, history, science and music adventure. Ages: 8 - 10

Bay, The - An Ecological Management Game

An ecological management game on CD-ROM. Manage Port Philip Bay over a ten year period, and overcome environmental problems encountered, such as freak storms, algal blooms, pollution, dying penguins and others. Ages: 8 - Adult

Carmen Sandiego Junior Detective

A version of the top-selling Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, designed for younger users. Ages: 5 - 8

Ingenious - Adventures in Australian Science

Consists of 5 separate missions in which players must solve some of the hottest problems in Australian science today. Ages: 8 - 14


A fascinating exploration of all things living. Ages: 15 - Adult


An interactive exploration of the world of microscopy. Ages: 15 - Adult

Food Webs : Australian Woodlands

Simulations of food chains and webs. Ages: 12 - 18

Chemistry - Chemical Elements & Thermochemistry

A comprehensive resource for mastering year 11 and 12, and 1st year university chemistry. Ages: 16 - 18

Ocean - Origins of Life

Learn about the evolution of life from its beginnings in the oceans of the world. Ages: 11 - Adult

Pea Plant Genetics V5

The latest version of this fascinating simulation program for Windows. Ages: 11 - 18

Understanding Australia : Land & Its People

An interactive Australian historical CD written by Australian historians for late-primary school students. Ages: 8 - 12

Stories of Democracy

An exhaustive reference resource about the history and operation of democratic processes in Australia, as well as the development of democracy as an ideology. Ages: 8 - Adult

Parliament at Work

An interactive exploration of the Australian Parliament, designed for classroom or individual use by secondary students. Ages: 12 - Adult

Science Fair

Covers electricity, forces and motion, light and sound, the earth, and the sun and moon in space. Ages: 5 - 7

Advanced Chemistry: 15 - 18

A comprehensive resource for senior secondary chemistry students. Ages: 15 - 18

Understanding Aust : A Fair Go

An interactive Australian historical CD written by Australian historians for mid-high school students. Ages: 14 - 17

Integrating Tech into Science Curric Challenging

A useful resource for teachers looking to broaden their use of technology in the lower-secondary school Science curriculum. Ages: 12 - 15

Key to Insects

Learn insect taxonomy from experts in the field. Ages: 13 - Adult

Prime Ministers of Australia

Read in detail about Australia's political leaders since Federation. Ages: 10 - Adult

Family Diversity

What is a family? How diverse are Australian Families? Who should look after children? How did `assimilation` policies affect Aboriginal families? How can society support the elderly? These are among the many questions investigated through this kit`s 13 units of work. Ages: 12 - Adult

Families in Form

This secondary student resource tackles a plethora of family issues, from the impact of television to the lives of families in poverty. Nutrition, spirituality, gender roles and violence are also among the many topics presented for investigation. Ages: 12 - Adult

Mammals of Australia

The premier multimedia guide to Australia's native and introduced Mammal species. Ages: 12 - Adult

Aboriginal Life In Australia

A comprehensive reference work about Aboriginal history, recent events and famous Aborigines. Ages: 10 - Adult

Integrating Tech into Science Curric Primary

An excellent resource book for science and computing teachers who are looking for ways to incorporate technology into their lessons and to lead students toward effective use of the World Wide Web. Ages: 5 - 7

Integrating Technology into SOSE Primary

A set of activities and ideas for teachers on ways to use computer technology and the Internet as a part of the Social Studies class. Ages: 5 - 7


Geoskills is a computer-aided learning package on CD that starts with learning about the size and shape of the Earth and how we describe where we are. Ages: 16 - Adult

Discovering Democracy Mid. Primary

A series of thought-provoking extracts dealing with civic and citizenship ideas. Ages: 7 - 9

Discovering Democracy Upp. Primary

A series of historical, contemporary, fictional and factual extracts dealing with civic and citizenship ideas. Ages: 10 - 12

Discovering Democracy Lower Secondary

A series of historical, contemporary, fictional and factual extracts dealing with civic and citizenship ideas. Ages: 12 - 14

Discovering Democracy Mid. Secondary

A series of historical, contemporary, fictional and factual extracts dealing with civic and citizenship ideas. Ages: 14 - 16

Jews in Australia Bundle

Provides a fascinating overview of Jewish life and experience in Australia. A bundle of two products: A Swag of Stories; and A Distant Home. Ages: 11 - Adult

The Map Detectives

An interactive CD ROM that teaches geography, map reading and compass work. Ages: 10 - 14

Science Keywords

Explores and explains the essential vocabulary of science (e.g. amphibian, brain, carbohydrates, and many others). Ages: 7 - 11

Aspects of Religion

An award-winning CD-ROM which brings world religions to life. Ages: 10 - Adult

Exploring World Religions

Offers younger pupils a fascinating insight into Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Sikhism. Ages: 7 - 12

Science Series 1 - Elements

Covers the Periodic Table and Atomic Structure, and includes a quiz which has been designed to test pupil's knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. Ages: 13 - 16

Science Series 2 - Materials

Describes over 150 material types, covering a broad spectrum from gases to solids and liquids. A highly stimulating test section allows students to carry out up to fourteen laboratory experiments on-screen. Ages: 11 - 16

Science Series 3 - Electricity and Magnetism ( Secondary )

Focuses mainly on electricity: what it is, how it is made and what it is used for. Separate sections deal with generation of and the use of electricity. A quiz is also included so pupils can test their knowledge and understanding. Ages: 11 - 16

Discovering Democracy Series

A series of thought-provoking extracts dealing with civic and citizenship ideas. Ages: 7 - Adult

Eureka Stockade

A thorough exploration of one of Australia's defining moments. Ages: 10 - Adult

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